Hemp: It’s Time To Drop Negative Stigma and Support This Amazing Plant


First, let’s debunk the commonly held myth that hemp gets you high. Yes, it is part of the “Cannabis Sativa” family which includes Marijuana, but there are no intoxicating properties in hemp. Hemp contains microscopic amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. By ingesting hemp you will not have a psychotic episode and you won’t fail your next drug test.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the vast benefits that hemp brings as a nutritional food and also an industrial product.

Health benefits of hemp

-Protein and fiber in hemp  helps aid digestion and prevents spikes in blood sugar which will give you energy throughout the day.

-Hemp contains omega 3 fatty acids that improves cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, easing inflammation and reducing the risk of disease.

-Hemp contains omega 6 fatty acids that improve the skin and hair, maintains bone health and promotes better brain function.

-Hemp seeds contain essential amino acids that promote healthy cells, tissues and organs.

Industrial benefits of hemp-Hemp has enormous, environmental, economic and commercial potential.

-Paper-There is no tree or plant species on earth that is capable of producing as much paper per acre as hemp! One acre of hemp produces 4 times the amount of paper that one acre of trees produces. Trees take 20 to 50 years of growth before they can be used for production. Hemp is ready for harvest in 4 months and can be easily grown on any farm land. Production of hemp eliminates the destruction of billions of trees, therefore reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

Textiles-Hemp is an excellent alternative to cotton. It is 10 times stronger than cotton. It produces twice as much fiber per acre as cotton. It also uses far less water, it repels insects and weeds so no pesticides or herbicides are required, and it grows in all 50 states.

Hemp is nontoxic, biodegradable and renewable-Wow! I can probably just stop writing here. Hemp requires very little resources and growing effort compared to it’s replacements. Hemp produces more biomass and has more potential as a clean and renewable energy source than any crop on earth! It is estimated that if hemp was widely grown in the U.S. for fuel/energy, it could supply 100% of all U.S. energy needs! Think about that for a moment.

So why all of the bad press on hemp? Hemp was not banned because it was a drug. It was banned because it was a competitive threat to the timber industry and textile industry. Hemp simply did not produce enough profit for corporations.

Hemp was at one time on the verge of being a super crop, but politics got in the way. 

We now have another chance to right the ship. Hemp is a crop that can save the planet.

Still don’t believe the hemp hype? I encourage you to do your research. You may want to start here: http://www.thehia.org/facts.html.

I now leave you with a quote from our first president of the United States and hemp advocate George Washington:

“Make the most of the hemp seed, sow it everywhere.”


More questions on hemp? Let’s have a conversation! Hit me up for a complimentary health strategy session “click here” to sign up today!

Make it a great day.

Namaste Y’all


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